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NYR: Quit posting all the silly stuff only to Facebook. Poor sad abandoned blog needs love too! This is my official link of the day. It’s the world’s happiest turnstile! via Metro.

EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS I ride on a perfect freeway Many people on that road I heard the sound of someone laughing I saw my neighbor’s car explode Just up ahead Against the sky Quicker than you blink your eye     Oh my brother, I still wonder, are you alright?     And among the living, we are giving, […]


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the silly thing about spending a bunch of quality time discussing preferred covers of leonard cohen’s ‘hallelujah’ and contemplating building a playlist of nothing but them is when you do that but aren’t actually already depressed enough to listen to ‘hallelujah’ a dozen times. of course once you listen to them all you are! stupid […]

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hm. have been running around (as usual) lately, but: 1) Still working on the sysadmin blog. It turns out, it takes time to come up with that style of blog entry — way more time than slapping up a quick link and complaining about people maligning britney spears. who knew? am contemplating asking other people […]

about the only thing keeping me going these past few days is pop music. not, like, sensible pop music, like pet shop boys. mindless cotton-candy pop music. britney spears’ greatest hits. i even listened to a bunch of billie piper and if that’s not straight out of a 12-year old girl’s diary i don’t know […]