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EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS I ride on a perfect freeway Many people on that road I heard the sound of someone laughing I saw my neighbor’s car explode Just up ahead Against the sky Quicker than you blink your eye     Oh my brother, I still wonder, are you alright?     And among the living, we are giving, […]

for the last few months, i’ve been noodling over whether or not to stay in this apartment. it’s not a bad place. i get great television reception (important for my no-comcast lifestyle). i’m half a mile from the blue line, and two blocks from the #72 and X9 busses and a block from the #9. […]

friday, the thirteenth of october: a tale of adventure, madcap hijinks, and the search for a relaxing weekend in a baltimore suburb vacationing with friends. a play in one act (mostly because by the time i got done typing out Act I i was too disheartened to continue with Acts II and III).

* niqui really wants to blow off the rest of today and shop for yarn stuff. <twork> s/niqui/twork/ s/ and shop for yarn stuff// <niqui> yeah, i could s/ and shop for yarn stuff// as well. so, road trip. it occurred to me that when harry potter and the order of the phoenix came out, […]

Dear People Who Make Brecks: Your “Holiday Collection™ Conditioning Shampoo with Aloe Vera, Nettle, & Sage” makes a halfway decent bubble bath, in a pinch. Who knew? Sincerely, sabrina — Dear The Entire South: Sometimes when I travel, someone from the South asks me why anyone would want to live in the North, especially since […]