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elevators worky. hooray! also, car back from mechanic’s. reports no errors. everybody shrugged and says oh well! it is a mystery! i am now free to drive about the country. KIM.

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What price dreams?

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so i’ve been stalking teh intarwebs lately for cars. specifically: car. a 1973 Ford Mach 1 Mustang fastback, preferably with a 351-Windsor, preferably a manual transmission, preferably driveable, preferences in that order. i want to replace the mustang that burned, but if i got one in a better condition than the old one (and/or with […]

with all the problems that using the CTA entails (trains that never come, never-ending slow zones, endless waiting making me late for work, trains on fire, and i’m not even going to start with the busses), this is a brief summation of why i don’t habitually drive to work: 0825: Ready to leave. Schedule after […]

A mechanic is niqui! Originally uploaded by sldownard. Shoelace! — So. On my way out of the parking lot at the fiber fair — and by “parking lot” I mean “grass” — there was a bump which caused me to scrape the underside of my front bumper, pulling out onto the street. I thought little […]