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So I had something kinda cool happen to me yesterday. I had to go to the post office to mail something. It was Friday at 5 so there was this huge long line. Plod, plod, plod through the line. And I got up there, and got your usual tired, end of the day, customers are […]

so, as you might have heard, i recently settled a little debate between the irs and me regarding whether or not i had in fact filed my 2003 tax return. (me: of course i have, i always file my taxes, and your stupid electronic system’s braindamage is not my problem. them: oh yes it is, […]

i recently rearranged my apartment slightly, which has led to a Crisis™. you see, i have very little in the way of furniture. when i say “very little,” i mean i have a desk and chair, an easy chair, a futon to sleep on, two cat trees, an ikea wardrobe and dresser, and some wire […]


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so. scene: there i was, an average sunday afternoon at home. nothing much going on. i was, in fact, cleaning my kitchen and doing the laundry. my hair was pushed back with a plastic headband to keep it out of my face; i was wearing khakis stained with pink paint from painting my bathroom, a […]

friday, the thirteenth of october: a tale of adventure, madcap hijinks, and the search for a relaxing weekend in a baltimore suburb vacationing with friends. a play in one act (mostly because by the time i got done typing out Act I i was too disheartened to continue with Acts II and III).