hm. have been running around (as usual) lately, but:

1) Still working on the sysadmin blog. It turns out, it takes time to come up with that style of blog entry — way more time than slapping up a quick link and complaining about people maligning britney spears. who knew? am contemplating asking other people to contribute. i still think a sysadmin blog would be a neat idea, but i no longer thing i am up to the task of 2 full length articles a week. so, for now, back burner.
2) Have been reading Dr. Housing Bubble lately. i appreciate the reality check, vs. people telling me that a mortgage is a “forced savings plan” (yeah, one with a $10-$15k upfront nonrefundable fee, plus one where you’re not earning interest, someone else is) and irritating guilt trips over renting. i like renting! renting is perfectly workable for me. i may eventually buy a place, but it’s certainly not going to be in this market, and it’s certainly not going to cost me 50% of my net income. that shit is insane.
3) Got the new Kanye West album yesterday. *thumbs up* did maybe feel a little out of place, being a white chick in a volkswagen, windows down and radio up, driving around Woodlawn and 97th, yesterday. oh well. life’s rough like that sometimes.
4) I’m still pretty hot over the transit funding situation. Apparently now G-Rod is trying to be all save-the-day and ride his magical unicorn in with a bucket of cash (Sun-Times) and is actually pissed off that the transit boards are not falling at his feet in gratitude. “I would say that they should not look a gift horse in the mouth … it seems to me, pretty ungrateful if they turn down this help.” I can actually agree with Judy Baar Topinka on this one: “[T]his is just a payday loan.” It’s not a solution! You are waving your Discover Card at the CTA in hopes we’ll all shut up bitching! Maybe you should quit trying to kill bills that would raise actual money to fund our transit, like more than a couple of weeks’ worth of cash, if you want us to shut up! Arrrrgh! I am so sorry I ever voted for you. The only thing you’ve done I still approve of is the pharmacy emergency contraception mandatory distribution, and frankly, I could have gotten that from a lot of people.
5) Stupid transit. I’m driving to work today, and just thinking about this situation is about to make me late getting ready for work.