dear popular media outlets and entertainment “journalists”:

you can pick on a lot of things to do with britney spears’ appearance at the mtv video music awards.

Britney Spears at the MTV VMAs

you can pick on her hair, which clearly needs some TLC and a pair of scissors.
you can pick on her vacant facial expression in this photo.
you can pick on lip-syncing.
you can pick on tacky costumes.
you can pick on insufficiently practiced dance routines.
you can even pick on the music if you want to pretend to a higher journalistic plane than this.

but you cannot say that she is fat. she’s not. she’s not emaciated, but she’s not fat. she’s not “too heavy,” as your article says. she’s not a slob. her arms are toned, her boobs are not falling out of the bra, she has a defined waist, she has nice thighs, and she has a nice belly. she’s not fat. quit making such a fuss as though she weighs a hundred and eighty pounds and could barely wash off the cheeto-dust from her fingers before going on stage just because you can’t see every rib in her upper chest like hilary swank. britney spears is not fat! you are being ridiculous!

no love,