so this evening after work i meandered up to 810 N Dearborn and fait l’examen, and now i’ve managed to get myself all registered for classes at the Alliance Française de Chicago. so starting next week, twice a week, i’ll go wear a beret and smoke gauloises and make snooty remarks about the english. and if i’m really lucky, i’ll remember what the hell the imparfait de l’indicatif is used for.

after registering, i walked home, which was not a bad walk at all (about three miles), except for the part where i was wearing cute but very thin-soled ballet flats (which are perfectly comfy so long as your chief activity is wandering around a carpeted office, and not, say, broken sidewalk, for walking over which one might want a shoe with more arch support than a thin piece of suede). also, next time, maybe not so much with the scenic foot tour of cabrini-green.