today at petsmart, to buy a new kitty litter box (what? how else do you celebrate moving into a new apartment than with a shiny new kitty litter box?), i fell for the impulse buy: the plug-in feline anxiety pheromone calmer-downer thingie. the *$35* plug in feline calmer downer thingie. kiyoshi has been so upset lately, he won’t leave me alone, and he keeps jumping up on boxes and howling at me. he comes in to the computer room while i’m working and wails miserably until he gets my attention, then he runs away and comes back five minutes later and starts again. i didn’t really want to spend $35 (plus tax!) on something i honestly didn’t figure would make a difference, but on the other hand, cat is driving me nuts lately.

i went to petsmart right after work and came home to clean some stuff up before the Apartment Weenies came to do a showing (5 hours notice! — which was enough to get an OK from me to show the place; however, the guy who tried to give me 30 minutes notice at 3PM went away disappointed and, i think, not entirely prepared to be rejected since when i said “i’d prefer not until after 6″ he was silent for a good ten seconds before he recovered), and plugged it in then before leaving. when i got home later after meeting d. for dinner, both cats were utterly chilled out. kiyoshi hasn’t been in the computer room *once* in 20 minutes to howl at me. he hasn’t bothered me. he’s hanging out lying on the living room floor. tiger’s napping with his chin on my foot.

THIS MAGIC KITTY PHEROMONE CALMER-DOWNER THINGIE IS THE BEST THINGIE EVER, OMG. that $35 (plus tax) was so worth it! i love you, magic kitty tranq!