just spend three and a half hours futzing around with networking shit with m. in a vain attempt to get, first, ordinary tunnelling (hah; any time you are breaking out the mknod and the nc, going through no fewer than two or three network address translations, and at least like four firewalls is not really “ordinary” … except for the part where it really, really is) and then a pptp vlan running so we could play networked warcraft III together.

really i cannot help but think that blizzard were somewhat remiss in thinking that friends would want to play games with each other without using battle.net or, in these modern days, WoW mmorpg stuff. i mean, WCIII came out in, what, 2002? we had dsl then, it wasn’t inconceivable that two people not on the same physical network would have both the ability and the desire to play a networked game. stupid blizzard. slackers!

also, stupid pptpd and its stupid config files, and stupid “which firewall is eating my packets NOW” issues. stupid three and a half hours spent messing with netmasks and crap that was not at all like killing bad guys. dammit.