SGA, Artfully Posed

okay, take this — the cover art for the dvd boxed set of the third season of Stargate Atlantis.

First of all, Sheppard looks like a girl. Granted, a butch girl with a Sigourney Weaver complex, but… a girl. With a gun (that kind of looks like a crutch, because nothing says “sci-fi” like crutches). And why does Ronon look like he’s about to eat Weir’s head (which, in a startlingly efficient way to resolve the civilian vs. military leadership of the expedition issue, has been transplanted onto Sheppard’s back, turning them into some sort of freakish half-man, half-spineless wimp creature)? And then there’s Teyla, tacked on in the background, serving no apparent purpose but to puff out her chest (since Sheppard’s A-cup isn’t enough, I guess). Meanwhile, McKay is the most normal-looking one of the bunch except for the enormous ball of light sitting on his shoulder like a pet parrot.

What the hell, man? That’s just a weird picture. They seriously couldn’t find anything better to put on the cover than Ronon eating Weir’s head??

(yes, i am just bitching to bitch. still, the first thing i thought when i saw this really was that sheppard looks like a girl. sorry, Joe Flanagan.)