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So a few weeks ago my friend Michael asked if I could maybe possibly if I had a free minute make him a sweater? I’m not sure who suggested it, but we decided to go with handspun wool for it. (And yes, I did disclaim that it would probably take me at least two years. […]

One of these two threads is my handspun merino singles for a laceweight 2-ply. The other is commercial sewing thread. Guess! No cheating by looking at Flickr first to find the answer. No cheating by scrolling down. No cheating in general. Margaret Stove is ZOMG THE BEST TEACHER EVER, YOU GUYS. For serious. For reals. […]

So this weekend was the 2010 Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair. This is only about the 4th year, and it’s been a little uneven, as well as moved venues pretty much every year. This year it was at the Lake County Fairgrounds, in Libertyville and/or Grayslake, which are some of those suburbs that I […]

a lazy, lazy weekend

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I didn’t have any significant, massive homework to fret about, so … I kinda just kicked back and relaxed this weekend. Mostly. I mean, Friday night and hung out with some friends and then walked about a mile and a half home, the latter mile of which was through the throngs of Lolla-attending suburbanites heading […]

Here’s what I got up to, last weekend at Camp Pluckyfluff Chicago: These are some of my favorites: Crazy-carded wool (and whatever else jumped into the batt) plied on a blue thread. Called this colorway South Seas. This was me going a little bit crazy with the glitz. I like how it turned out though! […]