Of late, have been watching much TV on DVD from my collection, mostly ‘cos I’ve been trying to work on my spinning and you need something in front of your face while sitting at a wheel for five hours. Have learned that early ER is not well-suited to marathoning: the first season is really good, by which I mean emotions-yanking-around, so unless you want to be weeping into your Cheerios for four hours straight because patients keep dying and stuff, ER should be pretty strictly rationed. The X-Files, on the other hand, is very well-suited for marathons. Plus, when a weak episode comes on (cough “The Field Where I Died” cough cough God that episode sucks), that’s an excuse to get up and go do something else like clean the kitchen while the show plays for background noise but you don’t have to actually pay attention (which is great, because, seriously, killer kitties in “Teso Dos Bichos,” really? This idea has not improved with time).

So yesterday I did manage to get a skein of yarn spun up, a variegated thing which is one sportweight-ish single of white wool plied with a laceweight-ish single of variegated blue/purple wool. It didn’t turn out how I wanted, which is sad (I wanted something sort of like how bits of this look, with a thicker strand wound with a thin one, such that it almost looks spiralled), mostly because I was finding it hard to spin a nice fat single with the white, since I’m accustomed to spinning thinner singles now. Also I think there may be some trick to tensioning the singles so you get the one to wind around the other, but I was a bit worried that I was unspinning the twist of the singles when I tried to play with tension (and at one point I did to the point of them both drifting apart, which was deeply annoying). So. Pics later, it’s drying now.

About the only other things I accomplished over the weekend were some homework, and making homemade hummos, which would have been a triumphant accomplishment (first batch of hummos with shiny new Christmas Cuisinart, after not having made any for years because I killed my old food processor when I lived in Hyde Park…by making hummos and apparently it couldn’t deal with the strain), except I kinda overdid the garlic and paprika and this is very, very sad. Also I’m out of pita and pinenuts. So now I have overspiced hummos, and no idea what to do with it. This plan could have been executed better, I have to say.

But, on the bright side, running-related aches and pains from Thursday were largely gone by Saturday morning, which is a vast improvement on last week’s gone-by-Monday-morningness. So I have high hopes for the future. Yay for the future!