• much email to read! so much mail, not even gonna try until like tomorrow.
  • return trip: 4 h 50 m from brunswick, ohio, to the stony island exit ramp off of the skyway. oh yeah.
  • only 680 miles in toto; avg speed 67 mph; car got poor mileage both ways. :( 29 mpg there, 27 (!!) mpg back. still unhappy about the mileage situation, though i think the extreme shittiness on the way home was because we had some really harsh cross winds and i was fighting it the whole drive. (also i kinda leadfooted maybe a wee little bit.)
  • made it to the modest mouse show after all!! i emailed the ticket shipper and whined a lot, and she had duplicate tickets printed and held at will call for me. yay! also, yay! realizing i forgot my wallet before i got to the show. boo realizing it after i’d already pulled into the parking deck, gotten the valet parking stub, and walked away. (yay not getting busted for speeding without a driver’s license while racing back home to get wallet and return to show.) show was insane with the awesome. not to mention THE TENTH ROW CENTER seats (which i did not realize — since i did not have the tickets in hand, and had gotten no notification of what the location was beforehand). also, the auditorium theatre remains one of my very favorite venues.
  • learned to crochet. can now start my ripple! ripple afghans for EVERYBODY!
  • also, carded wool for the first time. now want a drum carder. at $500 a pop, this: not going to happen any time soon. alas.
  • won spectacular things at gathering. one got adopted out to its rightful mom; the other is MINE MINE MINE and i will photograph it soonishly so all may see how completely freaking gorgeous it is, and be envious of its MINEness.
  • am probably going to make soap this week. if anyone needs any soap, let me know. i have, you know, like 500000 bars of it. TAKE SOME NICE SOAP. IT IS HAPPY SOAP. as always: will send box of soap to a good home, just send me your address!

okay, time for falling down, going boom now. am exhausted!