It would have been really nice if you would have shipped my tickets to this Sunday’s upcoming show at the Auditorium Theatre sooner than today. You see, I’m going out of town for the weekend tomorrow, and was anticipating coming back into town, driving straight to the theatre, and going to see the show. But now what’s going to happen is that the nice FedEx man is going to stop by on Friday, ring my bell, find me not at home, and then he’s going to go away, taking my tickets with him. And then I’ll get home Sunday, when FedEx is closed. I’ll have to go drive over there to pick up the package with my worthless tickets in it some weekday next week, like some sort of deliberate taunt. At least last time I failed to see Modest Mouse it was my fault. I ordered my tickets a month ago though. I’m pretty much off the hook for this one.

Really, don’t you think that shipping the tickets two-day air with two business days between shipping and the concert is cutting things a little close? I mean, I know we’re all indie rock and all but some of us do actually stop giving ourselves bad haircuts long enough to leave our houses from time to time. And even those who are too emo to contemplate the big scary world out there sometimes have nice FedEx men who accidentally lose packages. Maybe a little more time would have been not such a bad idea.

I’m just sayin.