lately i have not had such a great time of it, what with the $1200 in car repairs, the dream car that burned to the ground, being completely out of free time due to spending weekends working, the concert tickets that never arrived, the post office continuing to lose my parcels (and amazon continuing to send me parcels via USPS Priority Mail even when told to use Amazon Prime 2-day UPS shipping, and then writing worthless responses to email enquiries), and chase screwing up my checking accounts leading to money worries, and class eating up my weeknights, and not sleeping enough because i can’t sleep when stressed, and being out of my mind with anxiousness over everything that is going on (and going wrong). and of course i picked this week to quit smoking again because i wasn’t twitchy enough as it was. so… let me just say…

i am getting in my car tomorrow and i am driving to cleveland and by god nobody better get in my way because i will drive *over* them if that is what it takes to get a *vacation* around this madhouse.

i still have not posted about my final parcel from my SP9 because i wanted to knit some of the project i started with its contents so i could post a picture of that — and i have only had time to get 7 rows in! 6 of which are garter stitch!

and it’s 11 PM and i am still not ready to pack the car up and go tomorrow morning! MY BRAIN IS MELTING.