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i have finished uploading my projects and my stash — with photos of ALL THE YARN IN MY POSSESSION, y’all — to ravelry. i have done my duty to god and web-2.0-kind for the day. i am going to fall over now.

Lest you think that all has been quiet on the Niqui front lately: Got my Ravelry invite, so I set up my profile. Have entered my needle/hook collection, minus the ones that aren’t listed (hey, the site’s a WIP!) Have started on the stash (minus photos). May or may not take photos for the stash. […]

i am busy like a bee

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only two more weeks of class. i just have to keep repeating that to myself: only two more weeks of class. it’s not that i dislike class; i really like it (although my first class after the mustang burned was kind of painful to get through, and not just because i caught my thumb while […]


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much email to read! so much mail, not even gonna try until like tomorrow. return trip: 4 h 50 m from brunswick, ohio, to the stony island exit ramp off of the skyway. oh yeah. only 680 miles in toto; avg speed 67 mph; car got poor mileage both ways. :( 29 mpg there, 27 […]

lately i have not had such a great time of it, what with the $1200 in car repairs, the dream car that burned to the ground, being completely out of free time due to spending weekends working, the concert tickets that never arrived, the post office continuing to lose my parcels (and amazon continuing to […]