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i am busy like a bee

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only two more weeks of class. i just have to keep repeating that to myself: only two more weeks of class. it’s not that i dislike class; i really like it (although my first class after the mustang burned was kind of painful to get through, and not just because i caught my thumb while […]


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much email to read! so much mail, not even gonna try until like tomorrow. return trip: 4 h 50 m from brunswick, ohio, to the stony island exit ramp off of the skyway. oh yeah. only 680 miles in toto; avg speed 67 mph; car got poor mileage both ways. :( 29 mpg there, 27 […]

i have ten thousand things to accomplish in the next 24 hours. they are NOT HELPED by my inkjet printer suddenly deciding it has to be fed cardstock one page at a time. or my lack of a hole punch and having to run to staples. or having not yet done my homework for class. […]


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i think i’m in love with the guys at nortown. they took care of my baby car, fixed her all up bright and shiny, and then when i came to pick her up the mechanic who worked on her took me over and showed me what had happened to my rotors, knew exactly why it […]

i hate today.

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i used to joke that i had very bad luck with cars. i quit a few years ago when it seemed like i wasn’t having bad car issues so much anymore. my dad just emailed me; their garage was hit by lightning and burned, and with it, the mustang.