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Dear Candidate:

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You need a better recruiting firm. You see, I just got a cold call at work from a recruiter at that firm, asking if I or someone here might be interested in offering you employment. You are a system administrator who works with Windows, and does desktop support. You have ten years of industry experience. […]

Dear White Sox: What. The. Fuck. Is. This. Shit. no love, –sabrina Dear Cleveland Indians: I still don’t like Grady Sizemore. But I might watch a couple of your games so I can live vicariously and remember what it’s like to see a baseball game that doesn’t make me want to shut the television off […]


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Dear White Sox: That was pathetic. Love and criticism, –s.

Dear Media Executives: Here’s why using the DMCA to force take down of fair-use clips of your copyrighted material is a bad idea. 1. I saw a clip from an episode of Boston Legal, via YouTube, posted to a blog I read. I watched it. I enjoyed it. 2. As a result of (1), I […]

Dear Headache:

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Dear Headache: You have been plaguing me for this entire week. Actually, you were plaguing me last week too. It’s time you were on your way. I am tired of you. Shoo. Shoo! Sincerely (shoo! shoo!), –sabrina Dear Springtime Cold: You have also overstayed your welcome. I’ve gone through two boxes of Sudafed, and they […]