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so my poor baby laptop, which i love to little tiny pieces, is getting old and crotchety. it’s had some problems. it lost a fan, so it gets really warm. its dvd drive started flaking about two years ago, and a couple of months ago it finally died. its hard disk is both slow (4200 […]

It would have been really nice if you would have shipped my tickets to this Sunday’s upcoming show at the Auditorium Theatre sooner than today. You see, I’m going out of town for the weekend tomorrow, and was anticipating coming back into town, driving straight to the theatre, and going to see the show. But […]

the week in review

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i declare the week over. today is a new week, because i used the old week up (and now i’m going to throw it away). let’s just recap everything that has happened since sunday: 1. $(very close friend) announced that she is moving to the west coast. in like two weeks. i don’t even know […]

i hate today.

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i used to joke that i had very bad luck with cars. i quit a few years ago when it seemed like i wasn’t having bad car issues so much anymore. my dad just emailed me; their garage was hit by lightning and burned, and with it, the mustang.

so, i had a really shitty day at work today. first of all, there was a crap meeting on friday that had me all stressed out so that i basically didn’t sleep sunday night. then i went in, and things kept going wrong. since customer service means never having to say you’re not sorry, i […]