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guess what i am messing around with at work today? NO, NOT PHOTOSHOP! (ok, maybe a little photoshop.) (inspired by I Can Has Cheezburger?, among others, and IM with b. BTW, if you have no idea WTF a lolcat is, see here. You non-lolcat-knowing loser.)

so nobody spoke up and said “hey, sabrina, I would love to go see Bloc Party with you!” this makes me sad. but not so sad that i put aside capitalism and turn into a sad hippie or something. one time i had managed to come up with tickets for a tori amos show at […]

i cannot help but think that a large number of people who stumble upon from search engine referrals must be, ultimately, disappointed in what they find. excerpted from my webalizer stats for the past few days, since i remembered to fix my access logs the other day to actually report on referrers: Top 20 […]

OH NOES!!!!!11!1!!!!one!!1!1!! A Day Without Facebook. i particularly like the line about how it is impossible either not to stalk, or not to be stalked, with the new feature addition. ummmmm…. just an idea, y’all, but how about … if you don’t want the intimate details of your life broadcast to everyone on the Internet, […]

Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 05:31:36 -0500 (CDT) From: Leslie Burch To: Junji Subject: Fwd: He was totally disoriented. Could I have five minutes to. Forgetting to make the quarterly property-tax payment is a hell of a lot more serious than forgetting to change the calendar page, and youre upset because this is the first […]