so nobody spoke up and said “hey, sabrina, I would love to go see Bloc Party with you!” this makes me sad. but not so sad that i put aside capitalism and turn into a sad hippie or something. one time i had managed to come up with tickets for a tori amos show at the auditorium theatre — tori amos having the distinction of the single artist i have seen more times than any other (i have seen her at least six or seven times, i kinda lost count). anyways, when i couldn’t get tickets myself i turned to teh intarwebs and found someone on with a pair, and bought them. and then i couldn’t find anyone else to go with me, because everyone mocked me for liking tori amos. (i still don’t care what you say. she’s wacky and fun to go see in concert because she is crazy.) i ended up eating the cost of the second ticket, which was something like $115. not fun — especially since i was extremely broke at the time. i remain sad about it to this day, and that was like 3 years ago. so, in an effort to not eat the cost of my second bloc party ticket — only about $35 or $37 or so (stupid %^&@*#^#!@&^#$ ticketmaster “convenience” fees; bastards) — i just listed it for sale on the ebay tickets scalper site, StubHub, where i scored my Scissor Sisters and Arcade Fire tickets.

wish me luck! i would be sad if i had to eat the cost of the second ticket. even more sad than just not having a friend to come along with me and talk about the show with afterwards. YOU WANKERS.

p.s. The Scissor Sisters show? i’d have blogged about it earlier but i am still reeling from the sheer amount of AWESOME. Ana Matronic is my hero!