Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 05:31:36 -0500 (CDT)
From: Leslie Burch
To: Junji
Subject: Fwd: He was totally disoriented. Could I have five minutes to. Forgetting to make the quarterly property-tax payment is a
hell of a lot more serious than forgetting to change the calendar page, and youre upset
because this is the first time you forgot something that big. But there was still that
strong, hurtful moment of guilt — like a quick deep stab-wound. So this was Memory
Lane, was it? I thought of gagging you, but gags are dangerous, especially if youre taking drugs that
affect respiration. (“I dont know where he gets. He hoped he would be okay. I know how
to hurt you. Annie was not swayed by pleas. He crawled into the parlor and that was when
he heard the drone of an approaching motor. The first two blows had perhaps not gone
deep enough to do much damage, but this time the crosss support post went at least three
inches into the kneeling troopers back, driving him flat.

what i like the most about these spams is when all the chopped up bits make an actual sort of story. a cracky story for cracked-out crackheads, but a story nonetheless!

ahh… memory lane… when i forgot to pay the quarterly tax payment and was stricken by a guilt so hurtful that i thought i was being stabbed, but quickly had visions of much larger problems, so i felt better in the end, despite my — quite understandable, i think! — disorientation. (the obligatory spammy link takes one to a hoodia diet pill site. (what the hell is hoodia? it’s got a stupid name, whatever it is.) i find that to be somewhat of a letdown after a story about the angsty horror of modern existence, kidnapping and assault, hallucination, and homicide. i really feel that the least they can do with such a lead-in is to advertise some sort of horror book club. though i suppose book clubs don’t do such a very great business in spam, so i guess i’m doomed to disappointment.)