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Fair warning: If you are prone to tl;dr, you might want to skip this one. So, the other day, in my Organizational Communications class — for which the homework was, as usual, some seriously dry chapters to read (seriously, guys, you could not have made this textbook drier if you’d buried the manuscript in an […]

i have decided that my decision to transfer to depaul, and go to college with grownups, after this semester is the right one. i am so indescribably sick of the puling, moaning whiners in my math class; if i had to take another class with people whose reaction to a foreign concept (COUNTING IN BASE […]

CNN: …Lindsey Miller, 23, votes at the same polling place as Obama. She said Secret Service agents were checking names off a list and using metal-detecting wands on some would-be voters as they entered the polling place. The line was around the block at 6 a.m., she said. “A lot of people were in pajamas. […]

5. People who cannot tell the difference between similar but different words, such as ‘censure’ and ‘censor,’ and attack someone for doing the one when they are in fact recommending doing the other. ENGLISH, NOT SO HARD REALLY. 4. Discussion, in cliché, of the application of lipstick to anything that does not normally apply lipstick […]

so for the past few weeks, for some reason, my tivo recording of ‘house’ has cut off just before the end of the episode — usually leaving off a minute or so of the tag plus the preview. i don’t know why this is happening; i’d suspect the tivo’s timer is off except it ntps […]