i have decided that my decision to transfer to depaul, and go to college with grownups, after this semester is the right one. i am so indescribably sick of the puling, moaning whiners in my math class; if i had to take another class with people whose reaction to a foreign concept (COUNTING IN BASE TWO, OH NOES) is to continually moan “This is stupid!” over and over and over and over and over for TWO HOURS, i would just drop out again.

jesus. if it’s so fucking stupid and so fucking hard, fucking drop out of college and save all the rest of us being killed when you graduate nursing school and give us all 20 ccs of something instead of 2 (COUNTING IS HARD). or if you can’t have the decency to admit that if you can’t complete junior high fucking mathematics at least SHUT THE FUCK UP IN CLASS ABOUT IT.