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I just texted my personal trainer, while confirming our regular Saturday morning appointment for tomorrow, joking that my new year’s resolution is to try and stop yawning during said regular Saturday morning appointment — something she’s always teasing me for doing. (Hey, you try getting up and over to the gym at 10AM on a […]

I did something for the first time ever tonight: I bought a lottery ticket. Sure, I’ve done the little scratch-off ones when people have bought them as gifts for me, and when my mom played lotto when I was a kid sometimes she’d let me pick numbers and fill in the little scantron form, but […]

So this is what goes on in my head some days: Oh, I have to go do that thing today because it has to be done tomorrow. Let me just make the coffee first. It’s 9AM. I should start, because I don’t want to do this all frigging day, I want to chill with the […]

a sad wednesday

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There was a death in the family this morning. My Verio coffee mug met its end today. As it was reporting for duty for the second cup of coffee this morning, I bumped it and it slid off the countertop and tragically shattered on the tile kitchen floor at work. Verio gave out the mugs […]

to be perfectly honest, i am a crap student. it’s just — it is beyond me, the ability to force myself to pay attention to something i don’t care about (or find tedious, pointless, or otherwise scorn-worthy). and i am an awful procrastinator, which builds up and builds up. once i fall behind then i […]