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Reasons I’m glad that I finally listened to what everyone was telling me, and switched to zsh: * glob includes dotfiles too. vi command-line editing in zsh is more kshlike than bashlike (and i hated bash’s behavior) multi-line command-line editing is WAY better (ability to navigate all the independent lines of a multi-linefeed commandline without […]

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Dear Idiots Who Came Up With This Idiotic DVD Region Code Idiocy: you know what, i actually bought these DVDs. i would really appreciate it if you would quit making me have to jump through pointless hoops to work around region codes, which are totally ineffectual anyways in addition to granting absolutely no benefit to […]


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so my poor baby laptop, which i love to little tiny pieces, is getting old and crotchety. it’s had some problems. it lost a fan, so it gets really warm. its dvd drive started flaking about two years ago, and a couple of months ago it finally died. its hard disk is both slow (4200 […]

guess what i am messing around with at work today? NO, NOT PHOTOSHOP! (ok, maybe a little photoshop.) (inspired by I Can Has Cheezburger?, among others, and IM with b. BTW, if you have no idea WTF a lolcat is, see here. You non-lolcat-knowing loser.)

ERROR 1064 (42000): You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘oh noes!’ at line 1. yes, that’s right kids, i am in MySQL DBA class. all week. today is backups day: THERE IS NO END TO THE […]