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Dear Candidate:

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You need a better recruiting firm. You see, I just got a cold call at work from a recruiter at that firm, asking if I or someone here might be interested in offering you employment. You are a system administrator who works with Windows, and does desktop support. You have ten years of industry experience. […]

Lest you think that all has been quiet on the Niqui front lately: Got my Ravelry invite, so I set up my profile. Have entered my needle/hook collection, minus the ones that aren’t listed (hey, the site’s a WIP!) Have started on the stash (minus photos). May or may not take photos for the stash. […]

so i was thinking about maybe trying to come up with some sort of point to keeping this blog. i mean, not that all of you out there reading this are not lovely people with excellent taste in blogstalking victims; i salute you for sticking with me through all my vague complaints of white sox […]

i’ve been meaning to post something like this for ages and ages. i’ve been in on a number of interviews and hires over the years, in various roles from gauging someone’s competence as a favor to a friend in another group, hiring a colleague, hiring a direct report, and even hiring my replacement. most of […]

[regarding a particular open-source software package that is supposed to be the bee’s knees] <GuyWhoRunsIt> the learning curve is *huge* <OtherGuyWhoRunsIt> +1 <GuyWhoRunsIt> and the docs are ass <niqui> hahaha <OtherGuyWhoRunsIt> +1 ass docs <niqui> well if those aren’t two excellent selling points i don’t know what is! [PRIVATE] *GuyWhoRunsIt* you should seriously consider [OtherPackage]. […]