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dear popular media outlets and entertainment “journalists”: you can pick on a lot of things to do with britney spears’ appearance at the mtv video music awards. you can pick on her hair, which clearly needs some TLC and a pair of scissors. you can pick on her vacant facial expression in this photo. you […]


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eeeeeeee, doctor who, eeeeee, john simm, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *bounces off walls*

confession time

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i am reminded of one of the early indications i might have been not completely absolutely 100% straight: my cousin once got me to stay up late by telling me elvira was on late… and she took her shirt off right there on tv (it was okay, because it was on really late!)…and she had […]

i want this t-shirt. and this one. badly. stupid trying to save money. stupid not allowed to buy self nerdy t-shirts. stupid budget!

well now

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i think it’s quite fair to say that arcade fire rocked the everlasting shit out of the chicago theatre this evening. two hours! exuberance! clapping! shouting into megaphones! it was the very best kind of madness. also: the performance really served to underline, boldface, add exclamation points to what an excellent album Funeral is. man […]