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well, this weekend i went down to peoria to visit some folks and run some essential errands, like hit up co-op (i picked up some used vinyl — Breakfast in America by Supertramp and a couple of Fleetwood Mac records — bite me, i like Fleetwood Mac — and new RJD2 which came with a […]

so nobody spoke up and said “hey, sabrina, I would love to go see Bloc Party with you!” this makes me sad. but not so sad that i put aside capitalism and turn into a sad hippie or something. one time i had managed to come up with tickets for a tori amos show at […]

<3 the show is tonight. i love the scissor sisters so much. i cannot wait. i have been twitching with anticipation all week. I SHALL GET MY DANCE ON. oh hell yes! it will be epic!


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i have had, for some reason, EXTREMELY good luck getting tickets to upcoming shows, lately. i am not sure what’s going on, but it’s fucking fantastic. it all started out a week or two ago when i got an email alert about a show at Northerly Islandthe Charter One Pavillion about a show with The […]

james brown :(

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i am certain other people will write fine eulogies. for me, i’ll just say, i liked his records a lot. my friend rory gave me a copy of Get On the Good Foot for christmas 1995, after i listened the hell out of his copy. i’m listening to it right now. it’s still awesome. i […]