well, this weekend i went down to peoria to visit some folks and run some essential errands, like hit up co-op (i picked up some used vinyl — Breakfast in America by Supertramp and a couple of Fleetwood Mac records — bite me, i like Fleetwood Mac — and new RJD2 which came with a little sticker advertising a free download of MP3s as well (several of them had that sticker; nice idea, we’ll see how it works; it’d be nice not to have to buy things in two formats since i haven’t bothered to rip anything off of my vinyl since Breakfast at Tiffany’s like five years ago — bite me, i also like Audrey Hepburn singing “Moon River”) as well as a copy of sufjan stevens’ Illinois more or less just ’cause, and a shiny new copy of pixies’ Surfer Rosa. and, i see looking through the pile now, i somehow ended up with a used copy of drivin’ n’ cryin’s (who?) Whisper Tames the Lion (“Features ‘Powerhouse’ and ‘The Friend Song’!”), which i must have picked up by mistake after i put my selected records down in the bin to look through some others. oh well, it was only three bucks. i can always sell it back. i also picked up a few used CDs and, on an almost entirely inexplicable whim, a new copy of a Revolting Cocks CD (Linger Fickin’ Good). they had a buy-three-get-one thing going on and i had only picked out three used CDs because i didn’t notice it, so i went back and picked one out at random; ended up with Human League. we shall see how this little record shop adventure works out for me, i suppose. man, i still wish i had gotten to work for co-op in high school. i really like that store. the campustown co-op sucks ass relative to east peoria.).

but i had also mentioned to my dad that i was looking for a used kitchen table i could pick up for cheap, and so saturday he and my stepmom made it their mission to find me a table. newspaper classifieds and everything. we ended up driving out to morton and buying a table and two chairs from a couple who were selling all their stuff and moving to indianapolis. score! so i am now the proud owner of a white formica 48″ round table with 18″ leaf, and two white vinyl and wood chairs. it’s pretty swanky. i’m happy.

Tiger on the table