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Bodhisattva, would you take me by the hand? Bodhisattva, would you take me by the hand? Can you show me the shine of your Japan? The sparkle of your china? Can you show me? Bodhisattva, Bodhisattva, I’m gonna sell my house in town. Bodhisattva, I’m gonna sell my house in town. And I’ll be there […]


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well, as it turns out, the arcade fire show friday rocked so much i had to go back for seconds tonight. it was also pretty awesome tonight. slightly less instrument-destructiony, but more instrument-throwing-into-the-airy. hooray for craigslist!

well now

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i think it’s quite fair to say that arcade fire rocked the everlasting shit out of the chicago theatre this evening. two hours! exuberance! clapping! shouting into megaphones! it was the very best kind of madness. also: the performance really served to underline, boldface, add exclamation points to what an excellent album Funeral is. man […]

Christening the new iMac It’s not a computer of mine until it has its own copy of Moskau lurking in my Documents folder, waiting for an opportunity to cheer me up. Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-hey! Originally uploaded by sldownard. I love this video. I’m not ashamed.


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much email to read! so much mail, not even gonna try until like tomorrow. return trip: 4 h 50 m from brunswick, ohio, to the stony island exit ramp off of the skyway. oh yeah. only 680 miles in toto; avg speed 67 mph; car got poor mileage both ways. :( 29 mpg there, 27 […]