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oh, and—

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dear white sox: my requests from last year still stand. i’m just sayin’, –sabrina.

dear whoever:

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my desk phone is not a fax machine. i really wish you would catch on to that. love, sabrina.

Dear People Who Make Brecks: Your “Holiday Collection™ Conditioning Shampoo with Aloe Vera, Nettle, & Sage” makes a halfway decent bubble bath, in a pinch. Who knew? Sincerely, sabrina — Dear The Entire South: Sometimes when I travel, someone from the South asks me why anyone would want to live in the North, especially since […]

sigh, part deux

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dear white sox: thanks for picking it up, but don’t you think that really we might have been better served by pulling out contreras a little earlier? like, say, the first inning? i’m just sayin’. paulie’s still my guy, though. love and criticism, –sabrina. p.s. the gentleman at the bar who proclaimed that the sox […]


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dear white sox: i would like you to stop giving up hits. and dropping the ball. and pitching like shit. thank you, –sabrina.