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Please stop confusing “principle” for “principal,” and vice-versa. Also ‘capital’ and ‘capitol.’ Especially if you hold one, are one, have some, or work in one. no love, –sabrina.


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Dear Cubs Fans: This is seriously fucked up. No love, –sabrina.

dear popular media outlets and entertainment “journalists”: you can pick on a lot of things to do with britney spears’ appearance at the mtv video music awards. you can pick on her hair, which clearly needs some TLC and a pair of scissors. you can pick on her vacant facial expression in this photo. you […]

Dear $STORE: Not even a 70% off sale would get any woman with a brain in this shirt. I think you will have to look into the possibility of bribery in order to get this cleared out of your inventory. Seriously. Empire waists making everyone and her size 2 sister look 6 months pregnant are […]


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Dear IRS: In a year that you have collected $2,120,000,000,000 ($2.12 trillion), “the most revenue any government in the history of the world has ever collected” … I don’t care if the government overspent its income by another $150bn: I WANT MY 2006 REFUND BACK, ALREADY! crankily, –sabrina