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warning: sabrina’s got her cranky pants on today. this is JUST the news i wanted to hear about vote on the the goddamn mass transit funding bill in the goddamn illinois house. A plan to raise taxes to help Chicago-area mass transit systems has failed in the Illinois House. … The plan called for increasing […]

so, you remember a while ago i wrote: • i probably have a complaint on my credit rating now (oh goodie!) for the account they sent to collections after they failed to realize that i had cancelled it; ? i was totally right! i had my bank (love $newbank; love love) run my credit report, […]

ah, my mortal enemy is on his way. i can hear his creeping, long before he is within my sight. the neighborhood children line the street in fear and trepidation, wondering how their lives will be forever changed by the impending doom. will today be the day? will he be enveloped in a ball of […]

so several weeks ago a friend told me, “oh, you’ve got to watch this show on NBC, it’s called ‘Thank God You’re Here,’ it’s improv with Dave Foley.” dutifully, i tuned in, and found it to be pretty good. i happily added it to the tivo’s season passes and went along with my life. tonight […]

yay, tradition!

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mmm. CTA chief warns of fare hikes, service cuts: must be summertime! “I can say that shortfall will cause us to raise fares. It will cause us to cut back significantly on service,” Huberman said. “There is no other way to get around $110 million.” … No frontline jobs like those held by bus drivers, […]