so, you remember a while ago i wrote:

• i probably have a complaint on my credit rating now (oh goodie!) for the account they sent to collections after they failed to realize that i had cancelled it;


i was totally right!

i had my bank (love $newbank; love love) run my credit report, to get the “real” credit report and scores, as opposed to the shitty, useless free annual reports you get from (which i fetched and reviewed in june of this year, and didn’t find anything interesting on). and guess what i found!

so, this is great:
in july of 2005, i attempted to upgrade my phone. for about ten minutes, until i discovered that the person in the store had lied to me and the phone did not, in fact, have bluetooth, so i returned to the store, returned the phone, cancelled that contract, and then reverted to my old phone.

in june of 2006, “Cingular is now the new AT&T!” summarily cut off my mobile service after “discovering” the delinquent account-that-never-was, resulting in weeks of drama trying to get this straightened out.

in august of 2007, i discovered that the delinquent account-that-never-was is all up in my credit report, dropping my score, such that should i want to refinance my mortgage, they give me only shitty increased interest rates.

i wonder if, by september of 2008, this nightmare will be over?