so several weeks ago a friend told me, “oh, you’ve got to watch this show on NBC, it’s called ‘Thank God You’re Here,’ it’s improv with Dave Foley.” dutifully, i tuned in, and found it to be pretty good. i happily added it to the tivo’s season passes and went along with my life. tonight i watched the most recent episode, which happened to be the season finale, and i was sad because it meant that it would be a while before there were new episodes.

then i popped over to wikipedia to read up and discovered that it has already been cancelled. along with the other new shoes on NBC’s lineup that i liked — studio 60 (which i knew already) and Raines.

but oh well. at least this leaves more room on the schedule for two nights of howie mandel and Deal or No Deal, because that shit is worth watching.

i already got to the point, many years ago, where i refused to watch anything on FOX until it’s made it through its first season, since FOX seem to have a supernatural ability to sense out the shows that don’t suck and cancel them after 6 episodes or so, and i got really, really tired of watching something, enjoying it, and and then see it get summarily crushed in order to make room for something wretched like American Idol. this year i broke the rule, since a couple of shows looked interesting — Vanished (disappeared after 6 episodes, never to return), and Standoff (disappeared after about 8 or so, was promised to return in May, did not; is now promised to return in June, to which i say: suuuuu-uuuuuure it will.). i watch House — but i didn’t tune in until season 2. do i have to extend this rule to cover NBC now too?

seriously, what the hell does a halfway decent series have to do to make it past 12 episodes with you people? maybe if you wouldn’t cancel all the television shows that require you to have a brain in addition to a pulse in before they even make it to half a season, you’d have better viewing numbers! idiots!

niqui stomp. niqui like Dave Foley!