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According to the nice people out there in electronland, an analysis of the text of my last (non-tweet) blog post indicates that… I write likeChuck Palahniuk I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing! Unfortunately, the only one of his novels I’ve read was Diary, and, entertainingly slash embarrassingly, I only grabbed […]

So here’s some groundbreaking science! “‘Helicopter’ parents have neurotic kids, study suggests.” NO! You don’t say! Some kid who never gets to decide anything on his own gets anxious when it turns out he has to decide things? This is a fascinating new discovery in human development! Nobody could have seen that coming! My favorite […]

So yesterday I spent the day volunteering, as part of Vincentian Service Day at DePaul, at the Brown Elephant thrift shop on North Clark. While I did really enjoy it, by the end of the day I was pretty beat, and I still had to go get ready to go out to the Horseshoe Casino […]

This list is subject to addition at any time!! Especially when added to with things that are AWESOME! Finish moving the site over to the new host with the shiny, legible WordPress theme. Sort through my DVDs and get rid of things I’m not going to watch. (Feel free to make requests if there’s one […]

EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS I ride on a perfect freeway Many people on that road I heard the sound of someone laughing I saw my neighbor’s car explode Just up ahead Against the sky Quicker than you blink your eye     Oh my brother, I still wonder, are you alright?     And among the living, we are giving, […]