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way to go!

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hey, al gore, you still rule! congrats on the nobel peace prize! love ya!


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the silly thing about spending a bunch of quality time discussing preferred covers of leonard cohen’s ‘hallelujah’ and contemplating building a playlist of nothing but them is when you do that but aren’t actually already depressed enough to listen to ‘hallelujah’ a dozen times. of course once you listen to them all you are! stupid […]

dear popular media outlets and entertainment “journalists”: you can pick on a lot of things to do with britney spears’ appearance at the mtv video music awards. you can pick on her hair, which clearly needs some TLC and a pair of scissors. you can pick on her vacant facial expression in this photo. you […]

about the only thing keeping me going these past few days is pop music. not, like, sensible pop music, like pet shop boys. mindless cotton-candy pop music. britney spears’ greatest hits. i even listened to a bunch of billie piper and if that’s not straight out of a 12-year old girl’s diary i don’t know […]

okay, take this — the cover art for the dvd boxed set of the third season of Stargate Atlantis. First of all, Sheppard looks like a girl. Granted, a butch girl with a Sigourney Weaver complex, but… a girl. With a gun (that kind of looks like a crutch, because nothing says “sci-fi” like crutches). […]