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and this just illustrates more of why i so adore the scissor sisters: Out: The Orange County crowd is obviously a different kind of crowd than the hipper-than-thou crowd. [Jake] Shears: We don’t like playing for hipper-than-thou. It’s not enjoyable. It’s not a great audience to play for. Who wants to play for a bunch […]

too hip for this crowd

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I made a Kris Kross reference to some people today. They didn’t get it. I had to explain it. Now I’m all sad. Dude. It was not that long ago. Besides. Kris Kross totally gonna make you jump.

so, earlier today

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i was idly reading the amazon reviews for the new scissor sisters album ta dah! earlier today, while fetching the link to put them in my little featured fangirling sidebar thingy, and one of them noted something along the lines of: “saying that you don’t like scissor sisters is like saying you don’t like fun.” […]

i was catching up on some of the blogs i follow, the other day, and it seems that andrew sullivan has begun some sort of search to find the “best” worst 80s video. i was lucky enough to happen to browse at just the right time to note his posting about bonnie tyler’s “Total Eclipse […]

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