and this just illustrates more of why i so adore the scissor sisters:

Out: The Orange County crowd is obviously a different kind of crowd than the hipper-than-thou crowd.

[Jake] Shears: We don’t like playing for hipper-than-thou. It’s not enjoyable. It’s not a great audience to play for. Who wants to play for a bunch of hipsters? Gross! If I walk out onstage and I see more than 15 bad haircuts, I know it’s going to be a crap show.

[Ana] Matronic: Not bad haircuts–ironic, asymmetrical, retard mullets.

Shears: Our shows are very participatory, so we don’t play well for people that have come to scope us out. Arms folded is bad.

seriously, if there is anything i hate more than going to see a dancetastic band with a bunch of fucking hipsters who sit there and just tap their toes and nod, … i just want to throw them out of the club! i hate it when people suck the soul out of shows with that shit. why do you even go? stay home and leave more room to dance for the people who aren’t afraid to admit they enjoy something.