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The “Toy” symphony, regardless of who actually wrote it. Cheap mechanical pencils. I like Staedtler marsmicro pencils. Bleh to cheezy papermates. Pilsner. Digital wristwatches. Ham. About one slice a decade is enough ham. The Illinois Democratic Party’s slate of candidates for most everything this time ’round.

Dream road trip: Breakfast at Lou Mitchell’s, follow old Rt. 66 to Los Angeles, stopping at any roadside attraction that looks amusing. Drive up the coast along Highway 1 and then Rt. 101 to Seattle. Turn right, take I-90 back home. Breakfast at Lou Mitchell’s again, and this time, eat more beignets. Total length: about […]

According to my iTunes added-to-library date, In reverse order, counting down from the album I bought this morning: Vive la Fête, Nuit Blanche – recommended by Phoenix, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix – recommended by Whirl JP Nataf, Clair – Bill Withers, Lean On Me – The Very Best of Bill Withers – heard one […]

I did something for the first time ever tonight: I bought a lottery ticket. Sure, I’ve done the little scratch-off ones when people have bought them as gifts for me, and when my mom played lotto when I was a kid sometimes she’d let me pick numbers and fill in the little scantron form, but […]

White Sox players I would most like to do various things GET YOUR FILTHY MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER with: I’d most like to feed a double bacon steakburger and shake to: #10, Alexei Ramirez I’d most like to go sing bad drunken karaoke with: #32, Brian Anderson and #45, Bobby Jenks I’d most like […]