1. Dream road trip: Breakfast at Lou Mitchell’s, follow old Rt. 66 to Los Angeles, stopping at any roadside attraction that looks amusing. Drive up the coast along Highway 1 and then Rt. 101 to Seattle. Turn right, take I-90 back home. Breakfast at Lou Mitchell’s again, and this time, eat more beignets. Total length: about 7k miles. Best done in a rented convertible with really good speakers.
  2. Go to White Sox spring training. Scheduled for this March! Woohoo!
  3. See the Grand Canyon.
  4. Go to the Du Sable museum, which I never got around to visiting despite living two blocks away from it for two years, and I feel pretty bad about that.
  5. Spend some time up north. O Canada! VIA Rail across the country. See the northern lights in Manitoba. Eat poutine and go ice skating.
  6. Throw a big party so all my friends can drink up my booze collection. There will be cupcakes. And confetti. OH YES THERE WILL.
  7. Oh yeah, get accepted to grad school.

What else? There are other things on the list, I’m just drawing a blank at the moment. Will add to this if I remember them.

(You know what’s not on the list? Freaking Disneyworld.)