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this drives me absolutely up the wall. it’s so ridiculously simple, and yet people cannot grasp this — and their failure actually contradicts what they are actually trying to do. people. it’s not hard: WHEN YOU DISPLAY THE UNITED STATES FLAG ON A VEHICLE, SUCH AS AN AUTOMOBILE, THE UNION (that’s the blue part) GOES […]

because high school isn’t hard enough as it is, students in Crystal Lake are here to help: McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi said the students clearly broke the law when they printed and distributed fliers that showed a male student and another boy kissing, along with inflammatory statements about homosexuality. Police charged two 16-year-old […]

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Dear Idiots Who Came Up With This Idiotic DVD Region Code Idiocy: you know what, i actually bought these DVDs. i would really appreciate it if you would quit making me have to jump through pointless hoops to work around region codes, which are totally ineffectual anyways in addition to granting absolutely no benefit to […]

what the hell is this?? Students of Turner County High School started what they hope will become a new tradition: Black and white students attended the prom together for the first time on Saturday. … “I’ve asked, ‘Why can’t you come?’ and they’re like, ‘My mommy and daddy — they don’t agree with being with […]

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quicken automatically downloads all my statement information from my various accounts each morning. this morning i noticed it was reporting a transaction on my second, forced-to-get bank one checking account. “hm,” i thought, “that’s strange, since i certainly haven’t done anything.” turns out? they just deducted $22.95 of my $25 balance to buy me some […]