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i am grateful now that it is far enough past christmas that people will stop asking me if i had a good one, and what good presents i got (and talking about their own good presents). chiefly this is because i did not, particularly, have a good christmas, and i in fact got no presents […]


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we make plans for big times, get bogged down, distracted. we make plans for good times, all neon, all surface. so kiss me before it all gets complicated— i’ve got a taste for blood.

Dear People Who Make Brecks: Your “Holiday Collection™ Conditioning Shampoo with Aloe Vera, Nettle, & Sage” makes a halfway decent bubble bath, in a pinch. Who knew? Sincerely, sabrina — Dear The Entire South: Sometimes when I travel, someone from the South asks me why anyone would want to live in the North, especially since […]