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so a while ago, they disabled my apartment’s balcony to do some repairs — the original railings were installed wrong, so they had to remove them, demolish part of the concrete (which could have been damaged by the improperly installed railings), replace the concrete, and reinstall the railings. they did this by grouping us into […]

normal: today: hmf.

in which niqui is stuck.

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i am, at heart, an introverted sort of girl. it is not entirely uncommon for me to come home from work friday, maybe go out or maybe not, then stay home for the rest of the weekend, until i have to go to work on monday. oh sure, saturdays i might make a quick run […]

les grandes vacances

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so i am nearing the sort of burned-out state that comes with not having taken a real vacation in years– i’m all cranky and tired, and pretty much every bad thing that happens at work is another reason to claim that everything sucks. and, i mean, i know the solution is to take some time […]

if it comes to pass that the fed drops interest rates again, causing real savings to back away even further from keeping up with inflation rates (currently 5+%, whereas my savings is like 2% apr), ergo causing one’s saved money to in fact lose rather a lot of (potential and real) value while waiting for […]