if it comes to pass that the fed drops interest rates again, causing real savings to back away even further from keeping up with inflation rates (currently 5+%, whereas my savings is like 2% apr), ergo causing one’s saved money to in fact lose rather a lot of (potential and real) value while waiting for the various numbnuts in charge of this circus to get their acts together, does it make sense to:

(a) keep plugging away, because someday your car is going to need repairs and boy are you going to be pissed if you have to put it on your discover card;
(b) say ‘fuck it, this is pointless,’ and blow a scad of cash on a fun vacation you’ve been wanting to go on for years, because hey, at least your worthless money can buy you an experience?

currently leaning towards (b). i mean really. i am being a good little responsible citizen here, and this is my reward for not buying a half million dollar condo and wall to wall plasma televisions with money from a bank that’s underwater and drowning fast — to have what i do have made worthless? disheartening.