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leave work at 5:20. walk to CVS to pick up cat’s prescription. walk to ace hardware to look for and buy a replacement washer and linchpin to fix my grocery cart’s broken wheel. walk to jewel to buy fresh produce. walk to convenience store and buy a sixer of Goose Island. home, drinking said Goose […]

1) Matzoh ball soup. We used to be able to get this at Finkl’s on S. Financial Pl., but they closed and left a gaping hole in my lunches. 2) Fish and chips. NOWHERE. There is no justice. 3) Chicken schwarma. We used to be able to get this from a place on S. Clark […]

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so which is weirder: that i have lived in chicago all this time without ever trying lou malnati’s pizza, or that when i finally did (because one moved in round the corner from my apartment and the smell of hot hot pizza has been making me crazy every time i walk home in the cold […]

normal: today: hmf.

CNN: …Lindsey Miller, 23, votes at the same polling place as Obama. She said Secret Service agents were checking names off a list and using metal-detecting wands on some would-be voters as they entered the polling place. The line was around the block at 6 a.m., she said. “A lot of people were in pajamas. […]