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<twork> well, /me is white trash. <niqui> are you? but i don’t think i’ve ever even seen you with a beer can in a cosy. * twork is *totally* white trash, though /me tries to cover it up. <twork> you can take the boy out of the trailer park… * niqui, on the other hand, […]

it should go without saying to anyone who knows my many, many opinions about driving that a prominent feature in my childhood was the video game Pole Position. i would scrounge quarters any way i possibly could, and would even willingly accompany my mom to her bowling night (which was très boring to a kid, […]

oh. my. fucking. god. bill shatner rapping and dancing antony’s “friends, romans, countrymen” speech. it’s unreal. this is all yesthattom‘s fault. he sicced us on shatner doing “Rocket Man” and when i saw the link, i was compelled to click Shatner Raps. as now you shall be too! WATCH! HUMOR THE INJURED GIRL!

a pressie for me!

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‘Sabrina, ‘I know you like whiney stuff like Patiohead [sic]. So enjoy this crap too! ‘love, ‘Dan’

a pleasant evening in

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a fine, fine evening with the lovely miss anne thrope buying sexy new shoes, drinking champagne, eating tiramisu (WITH FIRE!!! tiny candles, not just for birthdays anymore!), and watching a favorite film. nobody steps on a church in my town! (as noted elsewhere: not much beats two hot girls giggling, drinking champagne, and shouting out […]