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Dear Apartment Leasing Agent Jerkfaces: Okay, guys, for real this time, say it with me now: CALL FIRST. Seriously. I was even *home* this time. In pigtails, no doubt looking my absolute best in a dusty nerd t-shirt (“Distributing Clue to Lusers,” by O’Really), and carrying an armload of sheets that were about to get […]

10. The intermittant sounds of things falling, inside the walls of my office, making me wonder if today is the day the plaster will all fall apart. 9. First-Tuesday and First-Wednesday street cleaning parking restrictions. 8. The neighbor with the filthy kiddie pool of water they haven’t dumped out for like 2 years which is […]


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$apartment->next: found! next: just the nightmare of actually moving! blah.

retail therapy

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you have to love the odd shopping trip every here and there where the stars align — the in-store sale, the coupon you got in your email, the frequent shopper’s card discount, the just-earned bonus for shopping frequently with your frequent shopper’s card… — and you walk out of there with a whole massive pile […]


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the only problem with trying to decide whether or not to move is in assigning weights to various requirements, and deciding which ones are less important. i thought i would go out and start looking at some places and maybe that would help me decide, using the time-tested technique of “if i find someplace i […]