you have to love the odd shopping trip every here and there where the stars align — the in-store sale, the coupon you got in your email, the frequent shopper’s card discount, the just-earned bonus for shopping frequently with your frequent shopper’s card… — and you walk out of there with a whole massive pile of things that smell delicious and promise to make your skin the most fragrantly moisturized skin known to mankind. (plus it’s nice to get home and realize that the one thing you thought about getting but didn’t because you couldn’t quite remember but you thought you might already have had some… you did already have. total save.) 61.9% total savings, baby! i am a ninja of shopping at the body shop!

it sort of eases the pain of realizing that the apartment you’ve come to see about possibly renting has not actually been cleaned since 1983 (CLOSET SHELF VISIBLE GRIME EW EW EW), was designed by a band of methamphetamine-crazed monkeys, and is apparently managed by people who are quite serious about the fine art of hostile slackerdom but not so much the art of not having water-damaged ceilings. (but on the bright side, i could have waved at bingo and whirl‘s house from my windows.)